Shell cameo are hand carved shells . Cameo jewelry where very popular
in the late 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. 

This particular cameo-broach  belonged to my grandmother, later to my mom
and I got it from her years ago.
As it was badly damaged the delicate cameo lady stayed in my
jewelry box untouched.

After I successfully  revived my "Madam de Pompadur" I thought to try to do
the same with the cameo. 

I used white and different shades of gold pearls to complement the cameo colors,
I added honey colored crystals for sparkle and some carnelians and jasper
for more structure.
Working in a special technique gives the necklace airy illusion,
almost like "flying" and "floating". 

My effort of hiding the damage was achieved successfully.
The beautiful delicate cameo came to life in its third  generation.

I love it! and be happy and proud to wear this antique cameo necklace.

What I say is, that if you have a vintage or antique jewelry
you don't use for any reason I can upgrade it and give it new life.

For more details please contact me.

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